Wig Bandana

 Who ANYONE: You, your family, both your friends, and the horse you rode in on.
In 2011 we had over 60 people and we can do better!!!

What Turkey Trot 5k Run, and 2-mile Walk (flat and fast)
When Thanksgiving 9:00 AM
Where English Landing Park, Downtown Parkville, MO
Why Because you can be a part of the Officially/Unofficial Wig Bandana Team
Details It's a neat time for swell people. ANYONE can be a part of the Official/Unofficial Wig-Bandana Team.
Heck, you don't even have to run/walk the Turkey Trail Trot (although it's a personal favorite.)
All you have to do is wear a wig or a bandana.
Team Picture The Official/Unofficial Wig-Bandana Team will meet at 8:40 under the
 Farmers Market shelter in the parking lot for a team picture.

Spirit Award Each year one person is chosen to be the coveted Official/Unofficial Wig Bandana Team Spirit Award recipient. 
Basically you're the person with the craziest wig. You receive a trophy of a turkey with a wig. 'Nuf said.
Questions For questions about The Official/Unofficial Wig-Bandana Team contact us through facebook.com/wigbandana

Charlie from Liberty, MO posing with 
his coveted 2006 Officially/Unofficial 
Wig Bandana Team Spirit Award trophy.

Michael from K.C., MO is a proud 
Wig Bandana Team member and 
the 2008 Parkville Turkey 
Trot Champion. Coincidence?